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Monday, May 14, 2012

Apple to wind up similar to that of Sony?

Without Steve Jobs, Apple won't be able to continue to produce ''magical''products. At least it is exactly what George Colony from Forrester (web stats company) creates on his / her blog.

Even though Apple consistently beat their particular records every time they release completely new financial statements, George Colony is certain that Apple will eventually end up like Sony-a huge that makes below average products, and may even not even able to produce a profit every different quarter.

Apple ceo tim cook

The person describes Apple being company that's driven by just Steve Jobs and his dreams, charisma along with willingness for taking a risk. Not having him, Apple will probably coast after which decelerate.

And once will it first go to the south?

In two for you to four years, he believes. Bernard Cook can be quite a good fella to keep that engines sprinting, but they lacks charisma and aspirations to steer Apple inside a forward direction- reveals George.

I guess we’ll must wait and pay attention to what happens with 2-4 years. Until then, I’m sooo enjoying my best Mac.

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