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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Best free racing games for iPad-Road Warrior Racing Free

Road Warrior Racing Free can be described as side-scrolling racing game set in some gritty Mad Max-style potential future. As you race through dry badlands, you try to use your auto's side-mounted miniguns, missile launchers, as well as other assorted tools to take out their competitors, while expecting they don't perform the same to you personally. You don't have to care about acceleration while playing for the reason that game puts all of the foot the bottom for you quickly; all you have to bother about is growing anybody who attempts to pass you and also possibly executing a sweet frontflip when diving out a mesa. You're offered right up a variety of distinctive maps all the time you take up, each one with a distinct level of difficulties and specific rules, like no pistols.You earn in-game money as you have fun, which can be invested in new guns, armor renovations, new case, paint projects, and lots of other items to pimp ones own ride. As expected, you can also buy the in-game cash to hurry up your growth.Right now, Game Centre support is limited to leaderboards, nonetheless developer is definitely promising are located multiplayer soon enough - it truly is already for Android. It does not seem like you will find any fog up saving program even though it is a universal mobile app, but who hardly guides a dent during Road Warrior Racing's badassery.

Road Warrior Racing Free

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