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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Winterboard Gets a Major Facelift

Cydia’s Winterboard software, has finally undergone its major facelift! The software that
virtually enhances all design aspects of jailbroken Iphones and Ipods has been recently
plagued by issues of sluggishness and frequent crashing, and incompatibility with the iOS
5 of the Iphone 4S, eading users to avoid installing the app.

Winterboard’s developer, Saurik, has responded to the issue by releasing v 0.9.3904
which hopes to resolve all major issues, and allow usability for devices using iOS 5 such
as the Iphone 4s.

Major annoyances such as paging lag and icon shadowing has been resolved and looks
pretty much as it should if Winterboard was not installed. Take note that the fixes for
these two problems will only take effect if the Summerboard is on its default switch
of “off”.

The 9 major updates are as follows;

131071.5.x: Solve SpringBoard Scroll Lag (only with SummerBoard Mode off)
131072.Default SummerBoard Mode to Off
131073.4+5: TimeStyle, PerPage, IconAlpha
131074.4+5: Respring Fix
131075.5.x: Last Ditch kill -KILL Respring
131076.4+5: HTML Wallpaper Multi-Touch
131077.2+3: Fixed SpringBoard Crashes
131078.Corrected Order of UISound Stack
131079.Use Fallback/* to Wildcard Theme

You can now finally install themes with this enhanced version of Winterboard without
the usual problems and annoyances of the previous version. We’ve already tested it
personally and to be honest we were pretty impressed with its performance, and since its
free from Cydia, why not give it a try and tell us about it.

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