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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Luna: Shattered Hearts Gaming In the Raw

Many aspects go into getting a game up and going and KickStarter has seen hundreds of indie developers try to do just that. So what does it take for a successful campaign? Quite a bit actually and a development team is essential. Does it mean because a game didn’t get funded it wasn’t a good game or even a great idea? Not always but that’s where games like Luna fall in.

Luna has the potential to be a great game especially if it was focused towards the mobile platform of Android and iOS. However lack of funding often means the components and software needed don’t make that a possibility. So what is Luna and what does it have going for it? Luna is an RPG fantasy with the basis that the character relies on a light orb and another in-game character to keep him progressing from level to level. It’s a neat idea though the light orb, which is how you can see in the dark, could use some tweaking. It’s uniqueness is in the fact that all the backgrounds are hand drawn by artist and developer Gillis and it fits in the Retro Game Genre which the mobile platforms are excelling in. Hit the break for more.

However what Luna lacks will also probably be its KickStarter demise. Gillis is the design team and that’s it. Along with that he needs development packages and equipment upgrades. So how does he have a successful campaign, well this one probably won’t hit his desired goal but thankfully you get more than one strike with Kickstater and you can always relaunch a new campaign. Gillis needs the tools and could do so by taking a chance on a small loan which could get him his equipment and networking more his other developers. If all works well and he nails down the right components and preps the game past its current infancy stage he could come back with a strong campaign and possibly blow his goal out of the water. We’ll see how it goes for Gillis click the link here to see his current KickStarter campaign. Press release incoming!

For Immediate Release – Brighton, CO – Luna: Shattered Hearts

solo indie developer Daniel Gill, of Gillis LLC out of Brighton, CO is currently making a platform RPG game called 'Luna Shattered Hearts' and is seeking Kickstarter crowd funding capital. Luna is an amazing 2D side scroller that Daniel Gill, the developer has been working on for six years, and the project is nearly complete. The game features an engaging story and has beautifully hand-drawn graphics. All that's left to do is give Luna an awesome soundtrack, dialog, and sound effects to go along with Luna's already amazing art style. Daniel needs to raise eight thousand dollars to complete the project, and release it. He has already raised close to two thousand with 45 backers on Kickstarter. We are asking for your help letting the public know about Luna, and how they can help this project come to fruition. Once you see Luna you'll be incline to help out also. As an added incentive to help fund this game immediate access to the Beta once the project is funded will be given to all backers. Time is running out and the game is still looking for supporters. The Kickstarter campaign ends February 1st.

We'd like to thank a few journalist who have helped us get Luna to the public:

Louis Edwards –

Kev J –

Phil & Brad –

Patrick Hickey –

Elizabeth Burnette –

Khris Golder –

William Usher –

Julie Wenzel –

Thank you for your continued support.

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