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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Supernatural: “Torn and Frayed” Review

Naomi torture

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

It’s been several weeks since the last episode of Supernatural, so it was nice to see this one start off with a brief recap. Purgatory, demon tablet, Kevin, Cass, and so on. The last we saw Benny, he killed Martin in self-defense, which drove a deep wedge between Sam and Dean.

Samandriel, or Alfie, was still being tortured. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about an angel giving secrets to demons. I understand that Crowley is willing to do anything and go anywhere to get what he wants, but I thought even an angel could still handle him. With how Alfie was treated this episode made me feel sorry for him though. Alfie was put through so much pain that he was able to cause a bush to practically explode. The demon helping Crowley with the interrogation gets is able to get down to Alfie’s “coding,” which makes Crowley focus on nothing but more torture.

Castiel is back from his little respite. He cures a baby from an aneurysm before Naomi sends him on a mission to save Alfie, making Cass think the idea was his and his alone. I don’t really like the meetings with Naomi with how Castiel forgets her yet remembers the topics discussed, but the ending seems to offer a possible explanation behind this. Knowing he can’t handle angel-defensive demons by himself, Castiel turns to Dean. Castiel is still making his awkward entrances and hilarious conversations. Dean knows they need all they can get to handle Crowley, so they find Kevin so they can make more demon bombs. While Castiel is gathering the material for the demon bombs, Kevin is focused on the half of the demon tablet he has and puts headphones on to drown out Dean. Dean takes the opportunity to stand right behind Kevin talking about how hot Kevin’s mom is, which was pretty hilarious. Castiel grabs Sam on his errand run and Dean couldn’t complain because of what they were up against. It’s always nice to see that the brothers can always put their problems aside when the time calls for it and can still work together.

Sam is given the choice of leaving or staying with Amelia. All I will say about this is Sam choose to stick with Dean and I can only hope there is no more Amelia in future episodes. On the other side, Dean gets a call from Benny that felt a little like a cry for help. Benny seemed okay for now, but it was clear he was struggling with his control. I like how all of Benny’s phone calls are outside in a public place like a park. The entire time he talks to Dean he keeps starring at the people who are all around him. At first, Dean wanted to help Benny, but decided that he could no longer help. I don’t know if it’s because of Sam, the demons, or whatever else it could be, but this decision could have a nasty side effect. Benny seemed like he knew this day was coming, but now he is all alone with no one to turn to.

The raid of the demon stronghold was excellent. Castiel had to wait for Sam and Dean to take care of the anti-angel charms, so he gives Sam his weapon. Demons were being stabbed and blown away. Since Castiel kept saying that they needed everything in their arsenal, I was hoping beyond hope that they would still have Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, from the demon tablet auction episode. Unfortunately it looks like they don’t have the hammer and probably just left it behind after it’s one and only use. Before Alfie could be rescued, Crowley is able to learn that there is an angel tablet. While this news wasn’t too surprising, what was revealed about Naomi is. When Castiel is able to get inside, he started having some sort of mental break down. It seems like he was being affected by Alfie’s painful screams. He begins to see himself being tortured by Naomi in a similar fashion to Alfie’s torture. Castiel is able to save Alfie, who begins to tell Cass things like Naomi is controlling them and he spilled the beans on the angel tablet. Naomi was able to force Cass into killing Alfie and even gave him an explanation to give to the brothers for why he did it. The brothers had to wait before they angel-proofed the room they were in before they felt safe to say “What the hell?” We are starting to learn more about Naomi, and nothing about her seems pleasant.

I normally don’t care about how the camera is handled, but there were some odd shots, such as zooming in on the Impala through a fire. Benny might be falling off the wagon, Crowley is on an angel tablet hunt, Amelia could be out of the picture forever, and Naomi is proving to be a character to watch out for. It makes sense that Amanda Tapping would play a character with more than a desk job, but personally controlling angels? I give Supernatural: “Torn and Frayed” a 9 out of 10

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