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Monday, February 4, 2013

PadGadget’s iPad Tips: KikStart, The Perfect App For New iPad Owners – App Review

Kikstart 1

Here at Padgadget, we feel like it is part of our mission to help others make the most out of their iPad. Whether you are a businessman looking to get the most productivity out of your tablet, or an artist trying to take your creativity to the digital world, we want you to be able to use your iPad to its fullest potential.

For our first installment of Padgadget's iPad Tips, we are going to tell you about KikStart, the app for iPad beginners.

This app is an educational tool that works like an interactive textbook. It is laid out like an instructional course for new iPad users. There are 15 different chapters and a test at the end. Each chapter goes over basic details of your iPad.

For example, in the Multitasking chapter, you'll learn how to switch between apps, access the multitasking bar, and close out apps correctly. In the Camera chapter, you'll find out how to focus a shot, edit an image, and send videos to YouTube.

Kikstart 3

Kikstart 4

There are lots of video clips in addition to the reading materials to help you absorb the information. Once you've completed all 15 chapters, you can take the test to see how well you've learned to use your iPad.

This app would be perfect for an organization that is switching over to iPads for employee use. The first chapter touches on proper security and care for iPads and even mentions internal IT practices. If you own a small (or large) business and need to be sure that your new employees know how to use an iPad, you can sit them down with this app and make sure they can pass the test before they can use it. When you pass the test, you can have an official certificate of completion from BCS Charter Institute for IT emailed to you.

Kikstart 2

Kikstart 5

Because this app only offers the most basic of information, it is not useful for iPad owners that are already familiar with the fundamental workings of their tablet. If you already know how to access your music playback controls from the multitasking bar, or are aware of the photo sharing features, then you don't need this app. If the sentence above sounded foreign to you, then this should be the first app you buy.

It is a dry read- the app is more like a training manual than anything else- but it is worth it for new iPad owners. I even came across some information that was new to me. For example, I didn't realize I could split my keyboard using touch gestures (if you don't know what it means to split your keyboard, you need this app).

Kikstart 6

What I liked: The app goes over the basics pretty thoroughly. If you are new to the iPad, it is definitely worth the price.

What I didn't like: The information is presented like a training manual or textbook. It is very dry and kind of boring.

To buy or not to buy: If you are brand new to the iPad, you should get this app. If you know the basics, like how to delete apps, access Siri, and copy and paste text, then you already know most of the information presented in this app.

  • Name: KikStart
  • Version Reviewed: 2.0.1
  • Category: Education
  • Developer: BCS Learning and Development
  • Price: $6.99
  • Score:

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