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Monday, February 4, 2013

This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 Main

A few months ago, Apple started spotlighting a weekly Editor’s Choice for games and other apps. While the “editor” in question and the criteria for being considered a top pick are unknown, Apple has made it easier to find out about apps that deserve recognition. This week’s Editor’s Choice game is Temple Run 2. The sequel to the most popular endless runner game is more than just another version of the same. Temple Run 2 has better graphics, a more lively landscape, and offers a variety of alternatives to just running.

Temple Run was a huge hit from the moment it launched in the App Store in August of 2011. The tiny start up development team who created Temple Run, Imangi Studios, gained immense notoriety through the following year. When Temple Run: Brave, the Disney-collaborated version of Temple Run hit the App Store in June of 2012, it skyrocketed to the top of the paid apps chart.

It is no wonder Temple Run 2 is generating the kind of attention that its predecessors did. Not only did Imangi Studios launch a sequel game that is set in a new environment with a new enemy (the trifecta of evil monkeys has been replaced by a single, monstrous ape-like beast), but they managed to remake the game to be more exciting, have better graphics, and offer a greater gaming experience.

The game is very similar to its namesake. Players swipe up to jump, down to slide, and side-to-side in order to move left and right. Tilt your iPad to veer from one side of the path to the other, collecting coins and power ups.

Temple Run 2 4

Temple Run 2 3

In Temple Run 2, the path is more three-dimensional. Instead of a flat run with left and right turns, players run up and down hills, around curves, and up stairs. Additionally, players slide down zip lines and hop into a mine cart, zooming through a gem-filled cavern like Indy himself.

The graphics are significantly better than in Temple Run. The team at Imangi has not been sitting on their hands this past year, eating chocolates and drinking Champagne. They’ve been hard at work developing the next generation of the endless runner genre.

Temple Run 2 2

Temple Run 2 6

While we may not know why Apple’s “Editor” decides why an app deserves the recognition of being chosen, it is clear that Temple Run 2 receives this week’s Editor’s Choice nod for the advancement in technology, design, and overall performance from the company’s first foray into the gaming world.

Temple Run 2 is free to download and available in the App Store now.

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