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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mac Utility Bundle: Parallels 8, Snagit, Rubbernet, VirusBarrier, MacOptimizer for $59.99 [Mac Blog]

Just ahead of Black Friday 2012, StackSocial has launched their Mac Utility Bundle which includes 5 Mac Apps for $59.99. The total retail value for the included apps are $245. The apps include

- Parallels Desktop 8 ($80) - Run Windows on your Mac

- Snagit ($50) - Record screen videos

- VirusBarrier X6 ($50) - Virus protection

- MacOptimizer ($29) - Disk utility

- Rubbernet ($36) - Monitor network-enabled apps

The $59.99 price represents a discount on full price of Parallels Desktop 8, but also includes these other apps. Meanwhile, Parallels seems to be offering their own discount to the same $59.99 but on their one app alone.

MacRumors is an affiliate partner of StackSocial.

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