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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Petition to get GTA V released on PC reaches over 65,000 supporters

With all the crazy mods that are available for GTA IV see above), you’d think that Rockstar would know by now that PC gamers are big fans of Grand Theft Auto. Even so, the company is not planning on releasing the upcoming GTA V on PC.

As a response to Rockstar’s spurning of computer gamers there is now a petition to get GTA V released on the PC. The petition, set up by Mike Julliard, aims to get 100,000 signatures and it’s already over halfway there, with over 65,000 supporters (at the time this post went live). The main reason for the petition is to show Rockstar just how many people want to see GTA V on PC.

Rockstar hasn’t entirely ruled out GTA V getting a PC or Wii U release in the future, in fact Dan Houser, a vice president at Rockstar games, said that everything was up for consideration and a port could be on the cards. PC fans might not be happy with just a port though, as reflected in some of the comments on the petition.

Many people would agree that it doesn’t make sense for Rockstar to skip a PC release — it would make them a lot of money as well as keep fans happy. Plus everyone wants to see what the modders come up with next. Of course the company will have to balance those two factors with the additional development costs, tradeoffs (would this delay DLC on the primary releases?), the quality of the final product (presumably they would need to rush it out the door), and any concerns the might have about piracy.

There’s no official release date for GTA V on PS3/Xbox 360 yet so it’s too early to rule out a PC version, but a petition with a serious amount of backers never did any harm. Once the petition reaches 100,000 signatures it’s going to be pretty tough for Rockstar to ignore it, especially considering that those 100,000 people could be seen as the vocal minority.

Petition at, via CVG

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