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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Updated Skype App Adds Editing Features and Microsoft Account Support

I Skype with my nephew at least once per week. I also Skype with my dad, who lives in Mexico, and my crazy uncle in Hawaii. Basically, if they don't have an Apple device, I Skype them. Today, the popular communication service has updated their iOS app to include Microsoft account support, as well as message editing and the ever-popular emoticon compatibility. (My mom loves those little smiley faces!)

The addition of Microsoft support allows users to log into Skype using their Messenger, Hotmail, and Outlook accounts and access their contacts directly from within the app. All you have to do is sign into your account and merge with Skype.

Text chatting in Skype just got a whole lot more fun too. Now, users can copy, edit or delete instant messages by tapping and holding the message. Even after you've sent the message, you can change it or delete it entirely. No more drunk instant messaging Skype mistakes that you will regret later. You can also add some passion to your text by selecting from 72 different emoticons. Unfortunately for iPad mini owners, emoticons are only available on Retina display devices.

If your friend recently changed their phone number, Skype has made it easier for you to update the information by allowing you to edit saved phone numbers from the dial pad.

Skype is free and compatible with the iPad. There is also an iPhone app that was recently updated to include support for the iPhone 5.

[Via: TheNextWeb]

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