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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All-New YouTube App Released Ahead of iOS 6, iPad Version Coming Soon


Much like those who ask for a Kleenex when they are looking for a facial tissue or request that you make a Xerox when what they really want is a photocopy, YouTube is becoming a proper noun these days… this place where we all go to see the videos that everybody is talking about. Just ahead of the exected release of iOS 6, our trusted Internet friend has released an update for their iPhone and iPod touch app (with a new iPad version expected very soon)!

Even though the app was already pretty easy to use (my three-year-old daughter is a pro when it comes to finding hilarious-to-her cat videos), but now the interface is even simpler. A quick swipe against your screen gives you access to a new YouTube channel guide that outlines your subscribed channels with instant access to everything you are interested in! An improved search interface will give you suggestions while you type and makes it quicker to sort through the returned videos and channels. As always you can surf the related videos (which should keep you busy for an hour or ten once you find a topic or theme you really enjoy).

In case you were concerned that you would run out of things to watch, the new app also gives you access to tens of thousands more videos!

Embracing social media a little tighter, the app lets you share your favorite finds with your friends via Google+, FaceBook, Twitter or even text messaging directly from the app. Never again will you wonder just how to share that crazy clip of a rock band whose music video takes place atop a series of operating treadmills.

You can grab the updated YouTube app for your iPhone or iPod touch free of charge from the App Store.

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