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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sponsor Thanks – MOBiLE CLOTH

Mobile Cloth 2 Sizes

Big thanks to Mobile Cloth for sponsoring the site's RSS feed again this week.

Mobile Cloth is one of the least glamorous but most essential iPad accessories. The iPad, for all its many virtues, remains a huge finger print and smudge magnet - and having a good cleaning cloth around should quickly become a part of any iPad user's routine.

I've tried out plenty of different cleaning cloths with numerous mobile products I've owned over the years, and Mobile Cloth just works the best by far. It makes cleaning the iPad display fast and easy - and the nano size is perfect for keeping closeby even when you're out and about with the iPad.

Here's a nice offer for iPad Insight readers:

iPad Insight readers enter "IPADINSIGHT" at check out and receive 25% Off and Free Shipping on all order over $25 (valid until 9/30/2012 cannot be used for custom product).

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